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When I was around 10 years old, I thought I figured out how to make an electric car that could drive forever; a perpetual motion machine! I even drew the design in a notebook to keep track of my inventions. I was going to be rich!

(Not my sketch.)


I lost my notebook, though…

In the past, I used to be very secretive of my ideas. I thought ideas would make you rich. Now I know that ideas aren’t worth crap. It truly is about action. A perfect example of this is my electric car idea sitting in a notebook in a landfill somewhere compared to Elon Musk’s company, Tesla. Ideas vs. Action.

Although… Mr. Musk still hasn’t figured out that perpetual motion part. What a loser. 😉

black-box-header-black@2xThe other day, I stopped into the office of a new Treasure Valley startup called Black Box VR. Ryan Deluca, the founder, happened to be in the office. He gave myself and a friend of mine a quick tour of their office and spent 30 minutes telling us about his vision for the company. It felt like he told us just about every important detail, without reservation. It was inspiring for sure.

Only time will tell how things play out for Black Box VR, but the odds of success are greater because they have a leader that is very vocal about his vision. Why is that important? Being vocal attracts supporters. Being vocal clarifies your vision. Being vocal inspires action. Action creates value. Value creation leads to success.

So, from here on out, I am going to be even more vocal about my ideas. Otherwise, they will never happen. My hope is that these ideas will find their way to the right people to pursue them… even if that means it’s not me.

Below, you will find a list of my ideas. Many of them are on the back burner for now. Some of them have been abandoned forever. As I come up with new ideas or dig deeper into others, I will link out from here to an article with more details.

If you can help make some of these ideas a reality, reach out and let’s chat about it!

Idea list:

  • Online course to help people use digital marketing to validate their startup idea or market their business.
  • Simple data warehousing solution for SAAS companies only. Focus is key here.
  • Upwork (formerly Elance) like platform that connects companies with data to data scientists.
  • Virtual Reality creating platform similar to WordPress.
  • Self-education platform. Think WikiPedia meets college education. Imagine if people all over the world could work together and create course syllabuses using links to free articles, videos, and all of the Udemy or Kahn Academy like sites to create learning “paths”.
  • Mobile app that allows you to record a video of a space, like a local restaurant, and it automatically stitches together a Virtual Reality “space” based on the dimensions and items captured in the video.
  • Guitar string subscription program exactly like DSticks.
  • Fussy Timer – Time out timer for parents and kids that listens for screams or “fussing” and slows the time down or adds more time if the kid keeps fussing. (<- I know, I know. Evil for sure)
  • Scotchbox – Whiskey subscription service that sends cool whisky samples every month.
  • FLines – An app that lets you see what the wait time is at a restaurant and pay someone ahead of you in line to trade spots with you so you can get seated early or get paid to give up your spot.

This is a small fraction of the ideas I have come up with. I’ll keep adding ideas as they come or I remember them.

If any of the ideas above sound exciting to you and you have skills that could help make them a reality, let’s connect!

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