Content Strategist

If you want high-quality traffic that converts into customers than you will need high-quality content. It’s as simple as that. I happen to know a thing or two about creating some pretty epic content strategies that will grow traffic to a site. If you need help with your content strategy, let me know.

Big Data Wizard

Ok, maybe I’m not a “wizard”, but I do work with a TON of data every day. Excel is one of my most used applications second only to Tableau. Yeah… I know. “Nerd alert” for sure. Given the right tools, I can pull out big wins and key insights from really big data sets.

SEO Expert

International SEO, schema markup strategies, & enterprise level SEO challenges are just a few of my  expertise. I know how to make sure search engines & customers find the best content on your site. I have dealt with just about every SEO challenge there is at this point. I’m getting board here… give me a real challenge!


I am a self-starting entrepreneur & love lean startup methodologies. I understand that SEO isn’t just about getting great rankings. Great rankings are the result of focusing on what your customers are looking for & building an amazing business that people love. My passion for business brings depth to my SEO expertise.

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